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A question about a recipe: Pear Almond Muffins

I have a question about the recipe "Pear Almond Muffins" from Savour.
These muffins just didn't hold their shape......they were more like a bread pudding. The house is bone dry so not a humidity problem as was suggested to another cook who had the same problem. Since we are not gluten intolerant, I may try these with a cup of wheat flour as a substitute for one cup of the almond meal thus mixing the two 2:1. Any thoughts on this?

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skittle added over 2 years ago

Is there a possibility you missed adding an ingredient?

marie stanger added over 2 years ago

Thank you for the reply. I reviewed everything and I don't see that I missed any ingredient. I did substitute the whole milk ricotta for part -skim but I don't think that it would have made that dramatic a difference. Perhaps a firmer pear such as a Bosc would have helped somewhat.

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