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Vanilla extract substitute

Am making homemade icing - can I substitute almond extract for vanilla??

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susanm added over 2 years ago

why not? it will simply have an almond flavor instead of vanilla. i find that almond extract is a bit stronger and more prevalent than vanilla, so start with using just half, then add more if you like the flavor or think it needs it.

wingirl added over 2 years ago

Thanks Susanm - just did and it worked, am making the chocolate buttercream icing from magnolia bakery and it tastes great - thanks for your help!!

sandyms added over 2 years ago

I agree... Add small amount and taste. Will you like almond flavor with whatever you are icing?

wingirl added over 2 years ago

well the fourteen - 6 and 7 year olds that were here for the birthday party didn't seem to miss the vanilla - really yummy and now I need a cocktail!

susanm added over 2 years ago

yummy! chocolate almond buttercream. wish i could dip my pinky finger in the bowl...

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