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Can a recipe that yields 30 cupcakes Be converted into a 2 layer cake?

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ATG117 added over 2 years ago

I'm assuming it would turn out fine. I have used cake recipes for cupcakes. But I am wondering why you don't use a cake recipe to be safe.

Kera686 added over 2 years ago

The cupcake recipe I have is my mom's favorite so I want to bake it into a birthday cake for her. Thanks for your help.

DrCrankyPants added over 2 years ago

A standard box cake mix will make about 24 cupcakes; you should be able to make a 9 or 10 in round two-layer cake. Rarely, a cupcake recipe will be too tender (or fragile) to hold up well as a layer cake, but only you know how delicate the cupcakes come out.

Kera686 added over 2 years ago

Thank you so much! It's a dense cupcake so I'm pretty sure it will hold up as a cake.

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