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At what temperature should I take a pork loin roast out?

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GIOVANNI50 added over 2 years ago

120 for no pink
or slightly pink in the middle

Donnacita added over 2 years ago

155 for food service safety standards. If you go to 145 it will be cooked through and should get to the right temp. I hate rare pork.

GiGi26 added over 2 years ago

I always take mine out at 145 then let it rest. That is the USDA recommended temp. for safe pork.

ReneePussman added over 2 years ago

Pork is best when it is medium or medium rare in my opinion. People who cook it to 145+ are eating dry pork. I would remove it at 120 to 125. The ten degrees or so of carryover will bring it to a perfect rare-mid rare.

allans added over 2 years ago

I take a pork loin out at 125 and let it rest. Recommended temps are fine if you want your meat overlooked and dry. Read Marion Nestle's "Food Politics" if you want to understand why and how minimum temps are determined and you'll not use them again, unless of course you're cooking ground meat. Then you should grind it yourself and you won't have to follow minimums then, either.

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