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How can I make crepes out of pancake mix? Or is it better to make the batter from scratch?

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sfmiller added over 2 years ago

Make the batter from scratch. Pancake mix has chemical leaveners (like baking powder) that make the batter puff when it's cooked, so you'll never get a thin crepe if you use it..

amysarah added over 2 years ago

Crepe batter is one of those deceptively simple things to make - very few, handy - ingredients, either whisked together or whirred in the blender. So why not do the real thing? I usually use Julia Child's master crepe recipe (for dessert crepes, I add a very small amount of sugar.) Here it is online: http://gratineeblog.com...

amysarah added over 2 years ago

Just looked further on the thread, and saw this urgent matter has already been addressed. Woops! Boy, that edit button would come in handy.

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