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Hi i love curry, but i am severely allergic to chillies and peppers, can you suggest an aromatic curry that doesn't use them??

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Ritchy added over 3 years ago

Jamie Oliver's curry recipe (i think from his first book) is very good. Just leave out the chillies. The sauce is really nicely spiced with cumin, coriander seed, fenugreek, curry leaves, and mustard seeds and goes very well with meat, chicken, fish or just veggies :-) I'll see if i can dig it out.

Ritchy added over 3 years ago

http://homepage.mac.com... There you go. Just leave out the chilli powder and chillies. May want to add coriander seed too if not using chicken (this recipe suggests you coat the chicken with the crushed seed and it works very well, especially if you brown the chicken it on a griddle pan). And let the onions cook for ages in the turmeric.

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