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A question about a recipe: Porcini and Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine Sauce

I have a question about the recipe "Porcini and Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine Sauce" from TasteFood. what can I use instead of wine? A bit of veg broth, chick broth and a bit of beef broth?

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fozziebayer added about 2 years ago

I think chicken broth or beef broth would work fine.

ATG117 added about 2 years ago

The port wine is an important component as far as flavor profile, so you will be losing that. But of the stocks, I'd suggest a good beef stock or a mushroom broth-- not the powdered type but the liquid you get after rehydrating your wild, dried mushrooms.

Sadassa_Ulna added about 2 years ago

Port wine adds sweetness and dried fruit flavors so I would add some chopped dried cherries, prunes or raisins (2-3 tablespoons?) and maybe some orange zest (1/4 teaspoon or so?).
Or I'd sub 1/8 cup of the broth with balsamic vinegar for adding some sweetness and tang.
None of these suggestions would be equal to the port wine but I do think they would help a lot.

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