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Any good suggestions for a venison marinade?

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Lanna,Hazelwood added about 2 years ago

As long as the meat has been soaked buttermilk(regular will work too) a couple of times you can do pretty much anything to it. The milk soaks out the blood, and the gamey taste. So what you are left with is venison that you can do whatever you would do to beef. Chili is my favorite. Or slow grilled back strap.

LaLei added about 2 years ago

yes, actually. Mire poix, garlic. thyme, juice of one orange, smashed juniper berries, cracked black peppercorns, a little red wine vinegar, olive oil.

JoannaZ added about 2 years ago

My family likes to use a Korean marinade similar to this one: http://www.foodrepublic...

Esther Plume added about 2 years ago

Pretty much as per LaLei, but instead of red wine vinegar, I'd slosh over a bottle of red wine, and some bay leaves would go in too. Then the red wine marinade sets up a good start towards a nice gravy.

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