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Urgent! A question about a recipe: Vanilla and Lavender Pudding

I have a question about the recipe "Vanilla and Lavender Pudding" from goodforbusiness.

I could guess; but I'd rather be sure - don't see how much cornstarch is used for this pudding? Cornstarch is mentioned in the directions, but not in the ingredient list.

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nutcakes added about 2 years ago

I'd send a private message to 'goodforbusiness' to ask, since it is omitted accidently, so we'd all be guessing and you have no way to know if s/he will see this question soon. I think messages are forwarded to the email addy of record.

goodforbusiness added about 2 years ago

Whoops! Sorry about that, what an oversight. I've corrected the mistake in the recipe. Enjoy!

No need to email me as additional
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