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I need 8oz tomato sauce and all I have in the cabinet is tomato soup, spaghetti sauce, and tomato purée. Can I make a substitute out of any

asked by Elizabeth,Pierce about 4 years ago
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Miranda Rake

Miranda is a contributor at Food52.

added about 4 years ago

It sort of depends what it's for - what are you making?

added about 4 years ago

I am making an Enchilada casserole. It is for the sauce. The recipe calls for me to add minced garlic, taco seasoning and beef broth to the tomato sauce...

added about 4 years ago

AGree with MirandaR; soup too sweet, sauce too much spice, tomato puree would work out well.

added about 4 years ago

Thin the purée with a bit of chicken stock, or better yet - a bit of wine.