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When using a crock pot do you just place raw meat and veggies all together n let it cook, or must you cook the neat first?

asked by eric6 about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

I add it all in together might want to add some of the shorter cooking time vegs towards the end.


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added about 4 years ago

I would recommend browing the meat on the stove and then adding it all in for better texture & taste.

added about 4 years ago

Soft Punk is right, i always cook my meat first for flavor. But if you're in a hurry you can add the veggies without browning them at all, and the crock pot will cook everything to a safe temperature for eating. So from a food safety standpoint you have nothing to fear by adding raw veggies and meat. but from a food flavor standpoint you should definitely brown you meat and preferably veggies first.

added about 4 years ago

Cataluna, I assume you mean you brown your meat first, not cook it? It doesn't need to be cooked through before adding to the crockpot. If you're concerned about food safety, you can start the pot on high for up to an hour before reducing the heat to low. This gets the food up to a safe temperature faster.