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I'm looking for a good buttermilk biscuit recipe to serve with my southern fried chicken


asked by rachellespantry over 3 years ago
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Try these!

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I made these yesterday and they are phenomenal:

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I make these all the time. They are the best!


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This makes a classic buttermilk biscuit:

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Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock's Angel Biscuits (The Gift of Southern Cooking) are my favorite. The recipe calls for yeast as well as baking powder, there's a nice rise, and they have good buttermilk flavor. It makes a lot of dough, but it can be refrigerated for a week, and you just pinch off what you need. My mother told me they are also called Bride's Biscuits--a no-fail recipe for new cooks.

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Check out gourmet live, I saw a maple thyme biscuit recipe that would be a good match. Especially if you add in a little heat like cayenne.