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Why aren't Cara Caras classified as a blood orange?

I mentioned Cara Cara blood oranges to someone and she corrected me, saying they aren't blood oranges. Googling around, I find she's right. They're supposedly a type of navel orange, although they have no discernible navel that I can see. They have beautiful dark red flesh. Does anyone know why they aren't classified as blood oranges?

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asked about 3 years ago
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Many types of citrus are hybrids. What's most distinctive about blood orange apart from its color is its flavor; which is citrusy but also gives you a little smack of rasberry. Oranges and other citrus are hybridized to have certain characteristics. Meyer lemon would be another example.


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The cara cara was first found in Venezuela, a result of a genetic mutation in another navel orange. The classification follows parentage rather than flesh color.