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A question about a recipe: Toasted Walnut Teacake with a Fragrant Lemon-Honey Glaze


I have a question about the recipe "Toasted Walnut Teacake with a Fragrant Lemon-Honey Glaze" from creamtea.

I made this recipe, and it had just about ZERO sage or lemon or honey flavor! Also, the instructions call for toasting the walnuts at 350F, and then "lowering the oven to 350F", which makes no sense. Following the baking instructions produced a tough crust, and a very damp center. The recipe still sounds like it would be wonderful, so what's wrong?

asked by carol_tanenbaum about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

For the glaze, why remove those tasty items? Simply julienne them initially and leave them in, as opposed to removing them. Or make candied sage and lemon as additional topping.
Pre-heat says 375 then lower to 350
Since ALL oven temperatures vary, a longer cooking time (till the knife comes out clean) should suffice