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Almond meal and almond flour interchangeable?

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RachelS added about 2 years ago
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Yes and no; almond meal is usually made with almond skin and can be a coarser grind than almond flour, which is usually skinless, finely ground almonds. If the textural and visual differences don't matter to you, you can interchange them with no problems.

RachelS added about 2 years ago

Sorry, meant to say almond meal is made with unskinned almonds :)


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added about 2 years ago

It may depend upon where the recipe comes from. Some people use the two interchangeably. OTOH, some almond flour is as fine as AP flour. I've never seen anything labeled "Almond Meal" quite that fine.

jacksonholefoodie added about 2 years ago

So if I want to have fine crumb, such as in a cake or a madeleine, then I should use almond flour. But if it doesn't matter so much, such as in chocolate chip cookies, then I could use almond meal?

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