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A question about a recipe: Tuxedo Chili

I have a question about the recipe "Tuxedo Chili" from TheRunawaySpoon.
I am living in Spain and was wondering....when you say chili powder are you referring to the dark burgundy-colored spice combo which is sold in the US (i.e. Spice Islands or McCormick Chili Powder) and typically used in Southwest cooking...OR the typical bright red Indian chili powder commonly found here which is simply heat without any smokey flavour. Thanks!

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Mr_Vittles added about 2 years ago

The former, please.

Ophelia added about 2 years ago

All the other spices are ones typically found in a chili spice blend so I would assume that they mean cayenne. 1.5 tsp wouldn't add a whole lot of heat even if I'm wrong.
And the chili in the photo isn't as red as mine get when I add the spice blend.

TheRunawaySpoon added about 2 years ago

Yes, American style chili powder. I use a mild version from Penzeys, but it is totally personal taste. You can use a spicer version.

Being that you're in Spain, I would take advantage of piementon. It would add a layer of smoke and spice. Also adding ancho chili powder (again widely available where you are) would solve your problem

susan g added about 2 years ago

Ancho chili powder, or another powder made from ground chiles, would give you much more heat than the blend, so adjust according to what you are using. If you want to make your own blended chili powder, you can find many sources for a simple recipe. I try to adhere to the use of CHILE for single source, CHILI for the blend, but you'll find it used interchangeably. I'd like to see food52 set standards for this kind of confusion (and it's not the only one!).

LE BEC FIN added about 2 years ago

runaway spoon has answered your question but i would add that CUMIN, cumino, preferably toasted and ground finely, is the primary flavor /spice component of chili powder.

puiggirl added about 2 years ago

Thank you! My first visit to this page and so many helpful answers from you all. I will be be following this from now on and looking forward to trying lots of new recipes.

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