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What to do with Matcha?

I have a tin of Matcha powder that I do not like to drink as tea. Any suggestions how to use it in other ways? maybe a poaching liquid or in baking? I like green tea but this is too intense for me as a drink.

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amysarah added about 2 years ago

Green tea ice cream or frozen yogurt is delicious. The matcha flavor can be subtle - and the creaminess mellows it out.

/hotline/12246-what-to-do-with-matcha added about 2 years ago

Blend it with some herbs or other spices and use it as a seasoning mix. This should pair well with any strongly flavored fish. If you need spice combinations try those related to China or Morocco. I'm a big believer in stimulating your thought process to find out what you like as opposed to giving recipes. No one knows your mouth like you do!!

foidivin added about 2 years ago

Matcha cupcakes! Quite good actually :)

happycao added about 2 years ago

green tea powder can be added really well with baked goods, such as muffins/cupcakes/mochi!

mtrelaun added about 2 years ago

This isn't food-related, but matcha makes a really great facial mask. Make a paste of 1/2 tsp of matcha and 1/2 tsp of warm water, spread on your face, wait 10 mn, rinse off!

passifloraedulis added about 2 years ago

Matcha mochi cake, for example: http://www.tinyurbankitchen...

Darlene Carrigan added about 2 years ago

Matcha macarons with a dark chocolate ganache filling! The sweet meringue nicely counters the bitter matcha.

Ophelia added about 2 years ago

one of my favorite sushi chefs used to thaw haagen das vanilla ice cream until it was soft enough to stir matcha powder into then refreeze it, it would form layers with a sort of frozen fluff on top, a creamy center and some of the heavier tea "grit" falling to the bottom. It was delicious.
It's also a really great ingredient for making green tea cupcakes. I use a basic sponge cake recipe (form my copy of the Joy of Cooking) and add about a tablespoon or two of matcha, no need to alter the recipe further (top with green tea or cherry flavored frosting).

Ophelia added about 2 years ago

Erm, Haagen-Dazs. I can't spell.

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