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Looking for a tasty roast chicken recipe?

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MeLoveFood added about 2 years ago

For super easy and delicious rub it with dark miso paste. Cover the bird completely, but sparingly, then give it a spray with non-flavored Pam. You can also speed up the cooking by butterflying the entire bird before you rub it. With a pair of shears cut it from neck to tail between the breasts then stretch it out flat. Lay it skin side up on a rack on a tray to catch the juices. Put it in a preheated 450 degree oven. Immediately turn the oven down to 300. In about 25 minutes check the temperature. Yum!


40 Clove garlic chicken. Roast it plain and serve with vinegar braised greens. Why confine it to roasting?

angiegeyser added about 2 years ago

I LOVE Jamie Oliver's perfect roast chicken from the Food Revolution cookbook. So simple and turns out perfect every time. He also has an awesome gravy recipe using the drippings and roasted vegetables. You should be able to find both on his website. Be sure to use the carcass to make stock!

Mr_Vittles added about 2 years ago

TK's Roast Chicken is the best I have ever made at home.

allans added about 2 years ago

I like to roast my chicken with garlic, lemon and ginger filling the cavity. I roast it on top of Yukon gold potatoes and it's an easy one dish recipe

creamtea added about 2 years ago

If you like spicy, a few spoonfuls of harissa paste, juice of 1/2-1 whole lemon, some olive oil to thin it out, and smear over the chicken. Yum. good on wings too.

Or my recipe with a milder but flavorful red-pepper paste: http://www.food52.com/recipes...

foidivin added about 2 years ago

I'm pretty simple. I like olive oil, garlic, thyme, and parley as a rub.

SKK added about 2 years ago

Creamtea's recipe is great, as well as this one from wssmom

Darlene Carrigan added about 2 years ago

I love Judy Rodgers Zuni Cafe roast chicken recipe. The dry brining as well as air drying in the fridge really makes a difference. Meat is seasoned throughout, and not just on the surface. Also, love the crispy skin!

If you don't have the book, I found a copy of her recipe here:

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