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Lots of escarole, looking for inspiration, hot or cold,

prefer a healthier slant, perhaps vegan in mind

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inpatskitchen added about 2 years ago

I love escarole sauteed in olive oil and garlic with a squeeze of lemon juice and a little salt and pepper. Quick, easy side!

thewanderingchef added about 2 years ago

How 'bout an escarole and caramelized onion panade? Tear/cut stale bread into approx 1" cubes, toss with chopped escarole and caramelized onion, olive oil, salt & pepper and, if you want, a little grated parmesan or gruyere cheese, put in a baking dish and add stock (veg or chix, whatever you've got) to come a little more than half way up. Bake covered at 350 about 30 min, remove cover and bake 15 min more, till the top is brown and a bit crunchy. Warm, savory and satisfying - great as a side or all by itself!


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added about 2 years ago

Escarole cooked in chicken stock with a rind of parmigiano is a classic Italian combination. Some ground peppercorns. This is a soup and definitely not vegan. Just cook the washed escarole down until it wilts. Veganism is a form of social darwinism, at least in this reporter's opinion.

susan g added about 2 years ago

You brought to mind a recipe for peas steamed on a lettuce bed, which I think would be delicious with or without the peas, from the Blueberry Hill Cookbook, by Elsie Masterton.
Make a bed of leaves (cut in ribbons?). Lay on it sliced onion, frozen peas, pinch of thyme, 1 T butter, 1 tsp sugar, 1/4 tsp salt. Start cooking over low heat in a covered pot. In a few minutes, move the peas around and raise the heat. Cook another 10 minutes, covered. (Adjust for escarole instead of the bland lettuce leaves in the original.)

sheredel added about 2 years ago

the recipe reminds me of spring, just around the corner-

Midge added about 2 years ago

My grandmother made pasta con escarole soup, which is as simple as it sounds: pastina (or any small pasta) cooked in a pot of boiling water or broth with escarole. Add good olive oil, salt, and lots of pepper. Total Italian peasant food, but comforting and delicious.

RachelS added about 2 years ago

I like wilted escarole salads a lot! Especially with bacon, red grapes, and a warm red wine vinaigrette, yum! I usually sauté my escarole very briefly to give the vinaigrette a head start on wilting it down. Bon Appetit has a good looking recipe here: http://www.bonappetit.com...

RachelS added about 2 years ago

Oh, haha, just read the part about wanting a vegan recipe... sorry! :)

sheredel added about 2 years ago

thats ok one can just not add the bacon!

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