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I'm making tamales for a party. I want to have a veggie option but want to do something more modern then the usual chiles+cheese.

I'm thinking something with greens in it perhaps. I have a favorite way of preparing Swiss Chard (http://www.epicurious.com...) also with Kalamatas but I wonder if that would be too dry in a tamale.

asked by rapearson over 3 years ago
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Miranda Rake

Miranda is a contributor at Food52.

added over 3 years ago

I doubt it would be too dry, but depending on the them of the party etc, it might not be what the vegetarians at the party want to eat. If it's a mexican themed dinner I would try to keep the flavors at least somewhat within that palate. These Squash, black bean and goat cheese ones sound pretty good!

or these bean-y ones from The Kitchn, which are actually vegan :

added over 3 years ago

Spinach ,cheese with tomate and cilantro. mmm.

added over 3 years ago

Mushroom and rice

added over 3 years ago

I'm partial to jalapeno and cream cheese tamales

added over 3 years ago

These are all making me hungry! I'll have to try a few of these fillings on Friday when we make the tamales.

added over 3 years ago

Scroll down to read about their veggie options, great ideas for interesting tamales.


June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added over 3 years ago

My all-time favorite tamale filling is braised bitter greens. I first ate that kind of tamale (actually, a tamalito) from a seller in the Xochimilco market. His were filled with quelites, greens that are indigenous to that area. If I were making tamales, I'd use a combination of Swiss Chard and broccoli rabe to approximate the flavor.


amysarah is a trusted home cook.

added over 3 years ago

We have a close friend from Guatemala, and for many years, every Christmas Eve she makes tamales for all her friends. Really a labor of love.

They're different than Mexican - wrapped in plantain leaves, not corn husks. One type she always makes are filled with chicken/peppers in an ancho-ish red sauce... but the other is filled with green olives, raisins, nuts, spices, etc. Very traditional from what I gather, so there must be recipes online. Not overly sweet or dessert-like. Seems like even if there were stock in the traditional sauce, you could adapt it to be vegetarian.


Anita is a vegan pastry chef & founder of Electric Blue Baking Co. in Brooklyn.

added over 3 years ago

My favorite is chiles en nogada. The version I do is roasted poblanos stuffed with marinated portabellos and cashew ricotta, breadcrumb-coated and baked. Then you smother them in a creamy walnut sauce.



Anita is a vegan pastry chef & founder of Electric Blue Baking Co. in Brooklyn.

added over 3 years ago

(Not tamales, but still Mexican.)