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What is best way to freeze fresh herbs?

I have oregano, dill,, parsley, lemongrass...

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nzle added about 2 years ago
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For herbs like dill and parsley, you should blanch them for just 10 to 15 seconds before plunging them into a bowl of ice water. This will preserve their brilliant green coloring!

For all herbs, you should mince them finely before freezing them in small plastic containers or ice cube trays. They won't defrost pretty enough to garnish a dish, but they will pack a punch in stews, soups, and the like. Remember to store them tightly wrapped so they don't get a freezer-y smell!

GIOVANNI50 added about 2 years ago

How about fennel? How do we freeze fennel?

petitbleu added about 2 years ago

Another option for herbs is to make an herb butter out of them. This works wonders for basil and sage, but is also good with other herbs. Simply soften some unsalted butter and whip in minced herbs and salt if you like. We make our herb butters on the stronger side, but you can go as mild as you like. Of course, this is assuming you don't mind adding butter to your food, but as flavors are more soluble in oil than water (there's a very scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but I can't remember it), the flavor of the herbs comes through nicely. Simply roll the butter into logs in parchment paper, and pack in freezer bags. A tablespoon on grilled or seared meat, in soups, or even just on toast is wonderful. Also a great way to preserve an herb harvest if you have an herb garden.

KimW added about 2 years ago

I like making herb oils and freezing. Cook each herb for a short time in hot oil, not quite simmering so as not to fry the herbs. Cool the oil and then put in ice cube trays to freeze. Transfer to a freezer bag and they will stay good for months.

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