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Is it possible to make sherry vinegar at home and if so, how? I've made champagne vinegar, white and red wine vinegars and cider vinegar, so I know the basic technique, at least for those. But what about sherry? Does the fact that it's made differently from other wines affect its suitability for home vinegar making? Thank you. ;o)

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I don't have an answer for you, AntoniaJames, but if you wouldn't mind sharing your vinegar-making techniques, I'd LOVE to know how to make them! (hope someone else has a more helpful answer for you) :)

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I wish I had better news, but according to wiki-answers, it's nearly impossible.
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I think sherry vinegar would be hard- but I think you can make apple cider vinegar using a mother or starter culture. I'd use google-fu to find a website that sells cultures and has information on making vinegar reliably.