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Pork belly maiden voyage

I picked up about 2 lbs of pork belly today, to make tomorrow for dinner. Have never cooked it before (though I’m quite proficient at eating it.)

I’m thinking I want to do something Asian (or Asian-ish) – I’m pretty well stocked in terms of Asian pantry items, and also have some Chinese broccoli I’m planning on stir-frying as a side dish. So, does anyone have a favorite pork belly recipe along those lines?

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meganvt01 added about 2 years ago

David Chang's roasted pork belly and some steamed buns - that's what I'm having tomorrow! http://www.epicurious.com...

usuba dashi added about 2 years ago

Pork Belly in a Philippine Adobo is a classic and very easy to make. After your braze the belly, let it rest, then glaze it under a salamander (broiler) just before serving. There are many Philippine Adobo recipes to be found on the web.

babytiger added about 2 years ago

For pork belly, I tend to stick with Asian methods. Either roasted or braised.

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