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Amping up chocolate flavor in cake

My chocolate cake recipe calls for 3/4 cup cocoa. I didn't think the batter tasted chocolatey enough, so melted 4oz dark chocolate and added. Baked. Good crumb, so otherwise a successful recipe, but still not chocolatey enough in my opinion. It also has 1 teaspoon vanilla. Is the secret to increase the vanilla? Other ideas?

asked by SeaJambon almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

Try adding a bit of brewed coffee

added almost 3 years ago

If the recipe doesn't call for dutched cocoa, I'd use Ghiradelli. I think it has a better chocolate flavor than a brand like Hersheys. I echo the instant espresso powder or brewed coffee suggestions. BUt if using brewed coffee, you'll have to adjust the liquid proportions in the recipe.