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I just discovered the reserved liquid from canned tomatoes. It is 11 days old. Still ok?

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Panfusine added about 2 years ago

Mmmm.. NO! even if its refrigerated.. It wd have lost any flavor it had by this time even if it hasn't gone 'bad'

gotligirl added about 2 years ago


susan g added about 2 years ago

Next time put it (in a fresh container) in the freezer. It's good to throw into a soup.

gotligirl added about 2 years ago

Yes I usually do that. This was "hiding" and I forgot. :( Thanks!

saucy. von Trapp added about 2 years ago

Sadly, I've recently read a lot about how canned tomatoes contain absurdly high levels of BPA :( luckily, the fave Italian brand and TJ's brand come in tetrapaks. Better yet, I grow a ton of tomatoes in the summer and just literally throw them in a ziploc and put them in the freezer, no need for blanching or canning! Then when its time to use them (obviously only as you would use canned or boxed, as they are mushy) just throw them in whatever you are cooking or let thaw first, either way. And the flavor is a zillion times better than canned. :) JvT | www.saucyvermont.com

chef of the future 2000 added almost 2 years ago

5 day old tomato liquid is definitely yucky!

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