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recipe for banana cake?

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amysarah added about 2 years ago

Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cordon Rose Banana Cake (from The Cake Bible) is pretty delicious. If you add a chocolate glaze or choc sour cream frosting, even better - but good as is: http://www.tastebook.com...

mtrelaun added about 2 years ago

This one from FOOD52 user Giulia Melucci is easy and delicious: http://bit.ly/wa4U3V

dinner at sheila's added about 2 years ago

Mom_s_banana_cake_served_with_fork Here's a simple recipe for my Mom's Banana Sour Cream Cake. You can frost it with vanilla buttercream, or mocha, coffee or peanut butter buttercream frostings are also great with this cake.

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