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A question about a recipe: Broiled New York Steak

So about this broiler thing...I find myself challenged by my bottom "pull out" broiling drawer. I read all these wonderful recipes recommending that the dish be x inches away from the broiler, but i can't really adjust the positioning of the the food in my set up. Is there a rule of thumb for those of us with "run of the mill" oven/range setups for using the bottom broiler?

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The shelf isn't adjustable in your broiler? I'm skeptical. But since it's not then all you need be is vigilant in cooking time. So leave the door open and keep an eye on doneness

amysarah added about 2 years ago

If I can't get the pan I'm using to broil something as close to the flame as I need simply by adjusting the oven rack, I often use another flat-bottomed metal baking pan (turned upside down) as a platform underneath it....deep or shallow, depending on height I want. Don't see why you couldn't do same in bottom pull-out broiler.

Very low tech, but it works.

coffeefoodwritergirl added about 2 years ago

Hi there! I would suggest, since you have a bottom drawer broiler, with probably little adjustment ability, that you put it in the broiler, and watch it, until it is dark golden brown, the cooking time will be shorter, since it will be closer to the flame. Then finish it off in a 425 degree oven for a few minutes. Test for doneness by pressing the top of the steak with a fork or your finger. For medium rare it should have about the same give/consistency as when you press the place right under your thumb on your palm (takes a little practice but you'll get it :-)) Let the meat rest for about five minutes, so all the juices flow back in and then slice/serve. Hope this helps!

thurston added about 2 years ago

OK. This makes since. I might try the MacGyver improvisational method suggested by amysarah too. Thanks for the tips. I'll be trying this steak out real soon!

thurston added about 2 years ago

"sense" not "since"...nice!

avimom added about 2 years ago

I used to have an oven like that...I left the drawer open while broiling and watched it like a hawk.

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