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I have a lot of unsweetened baking chocolate. What's the correct ratio of sugar to add if I want to use it like semi-sweet?

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Verdigris added over 3 years ago

For baking chocolate, use 1 square (1 oz.) of unsweetened chocolate plus 1 tablespoon of sugar in place of 1 square (1 oz.) of semi-sweet chocolate

ody added over 3 years ago

Just be aware that semisweet chocolate has a special silkiness to its texture, and unsweetened+sugar won't be quite as smooth or glossy when melted. It'll still taste great, of course!

Kon added almost 2 years ago

Semi-sweet should be 30% sugar and 70% bitters.

Also, am looking for a source of unsweetened dark chocolate in bulk -- 20, 30 lbs. or more in a box.
Do you know of a source? Thanks. Jon.

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