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A question about a recipe: The Big Tzimmes for Passover

I have a question about the recipe "The Big Tzimmes for Passover" from Vivian Henoch.
How far ahead can I prepare?

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LE BEC FIN added about 2 years ago

i would feel perfectly comfortable making these 5 days in advance. i mean, it's just a veggie stew....

Vivian Henoch added about 2 years ago

Glad you asked. Generally, I don't make anything 5 days ahead of a meal, but as far as prep ahead is concerned, this dish will do just fine a day or two ahead. Flavors will blend nicely, in fact. To reheat - you might want to add more liquid -- perhaps a quarter cup of orange juice - or water.

ELCookie added about 2 years ago

My Mom always made her tzimmes ahead of time and froze it. She claimed it tasted better reheated as all the flavors were enhanced when heated the second time.

KarenO added about 2 years ago

I made mine two days ago to serve Saturday night. That's the way I always do it and it's always scrumptious. Good luck.

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