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I have 5 lbs of russet potatoes & a seder.

I have an invite to my 1st Passover Seder and was asked to bring a potato dish. I was planning a gratin until I read gratins work better with yukons, waxy type. I need a great easy dish for 20 people!

asked by pollygirl about 4 years ago
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How about..
this is a fabulous dish!

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Be careful, the dish below contains milk and may be an issue if they are serving a meat dish for dinner. Simple roasted crispy potato chunks with a bit of seasoning may be all that's necessary.

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That recipe has milk as an ingredient. You would have to check with your hosts if that is suitable.
The typical potato kugel might do -- like a potato latke in a casserole. (many recipes, not on f52)
And 29 people at a big meal will not eat 20 full portions!

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this was included in a Passover menu on the site
(I haven't made it yet, have been wanting to for a while!)

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I would look up a recipe for Potato Kugel. That is what most folks think of regarding potatoes and Passover.

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This is my favorite potato kugel recipe. I do add my own tweeks, such as half yellow onion/half shallots. Can be made-ahead and bet your potatoes would work here. http://www.foodandwine...