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how can I replace anchos with poblanos in a sauce?

I am trying to make a Wild Mushroom-Ancho Chile Sauce a la Bobby Flay. My grocery store didn't have anchos so I bought poblanos. Can I replace the anchos in an Ancho Puree with poblanos? If so, what ratio should I use? Any special preparation for the poblano before the substitution? Thank you so much!

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maryvelasquez added about 2 years ago

To clarify, did you buy fresh or dried chiles? Poblano chiles and ancho chiles come from the same plant. If you bought fresh green poblano peppers, then that will alter the flavor of the dish. Sometimes poblanos are sold dried. If you bought dried poblanos then there is no need to do anything different, You have what you need.

AlexisL added about 2 years ago

Unfortunately, I bought fresh poblanos. Any suggestions on using them in place of the dried chiles? Thanks again!

maryvelasquez added about 2 years ago
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You can broil the poblano chiles until the skins are black. Cool then remove the skins, stem and seeds. At that point they can be pureed as you would dried chiles that have been soaked. The flavor will be different, but will probably be very good. I like both fresh and dried chiles.

AlexisL added about 2 years ago

Excellent - thanks so much for your help!

AlexisL added about 2 years ago

The sauce turned out delicious!
I love Food52!

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