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I'll be traveling to Quebec City and Montreal next week. Any suggestions for restaurants?

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Savorykitchen added over 3 years ago

In Montreal: Pied de Cochon for a foie-gras feast, L'Express for a classic bistro meal, any branch of Frites Alors! for french fries (nomnomnom), Bieres et Compagnie for an astounding beer selection, Olive et Gourmando for bakery, Schwartz's for smoked meat. That should get you started. :-)


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added over 3 years ago

Thanks! That gives us a lot of choices!

Savorykitchen added over 3 years ago

I love Montreal. If I recall, the public market in Quebec city was fabulous and we built quite a picnic from there.

Here's my food photoset from our Montreal trip. http://www.flickr.com/photos...

Enjoy and bon voyage!


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added over 3 years ago

There's an amazing Italian restaurant with a French name that flies under the radar. Le Muscadin is the name. 639 Notre-Dame O, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
514-842-0588 Food is exceptional, the welcome and ambiance even better. Charlie Iacono, the owner is a gem. Be sure to ask for a tour of the wine cellar.

ENunn added over 3 years ago

Joe Beef!

Midge added over 3 years ago

Had a truly amazing dinner at Toqué (restaurant-toque.com‎) a couple years ago. The public market is amazing. Love that town; I'm jealous!

sygyzy added over 3 years ago

Montreal - Juliette et Chocoalte, Pied de Cochon, La Aalle A Manger, Club Chasse Et peche, Restaurant Toque, Schwartz's

Lena S. added over 3 years ago

Hey! Montreal food - there is plenty - don't be afraid to venture out downtown and old port areas.
Here are some of my faves
Laloux - french bistro
Casa de Tapas - amazing tapas
Patisserie de Gascogne - this is a bit further north in the plateau - but the most delicious patisserie and they have lunch items too
Chez L'epicier -
Byblos Cafe - Iranian casual restaurant, friendly, good food
Brunch - anywhere - its a brunch town (served in some places till 3 or 4 pm), one of my faves is called Grand Mere Poule
Make sure to check out Duluth Street between St. Denis and St. Hubert - its lined with adorable restaurants, some are bring your own wine, there are some great little Italian place's Spaggios, Eduardo's, and also amazing Afghani restaurant (Khyber Pass).
I could clearly go on and on and on.

Also you must check out Jean Talon Market (you will need to take the metro), but its worth the trip - fresh fruits and veggies, lots of fun things to try and I'm sure you will enjoy it.

- and I love all of the red starred restaurants on this list

phyllis added over 3 years ago

seriouseats.com just posted this article:



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added over 3 years ago

Thanks again, everyone! We had a great trip. Had a fabulous lunch in Quebec City at Laurie Rafael. We were only in Montreal for a day--spent it at the farmers' market (fabulous) and the botanical gardens (also wonderful).

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