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How long is lentil soup good for in the fridge?

I made a lentil soup last Friday, with stock, lentils, onions and veggies. Is it still good to eat today, 5 days later? It's just been sitting in the fridge for that long.

asked by hayley almost 4 years ago
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Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

added almost 4 years ago

I think it should be fine. But if you don't finish it today, I would freeze it in single-serving portions, either in freezer-safe containers or small freezer bags.

added almost 4 years ago

I second what Mrs. Larkin said.

added almost 4 years ago

When you heat the soup, bring to a point just short of boiling, for an extra measure of caution. If it has gone 'off' you can tell -- by sight and by smell, or a drop on the tongue. If you have meat or meat broth in the soup, there is less margin of error than for a meat-free soup.

added almost 4 years ago

I have a five day rule for anything left over.