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When cooking pasta, what the correct salt to water ratio?

I always hear that I should cook pasta in "salted water", but it never specifically says how much salt I should add to a specific amount of water.

asked by Sean,Murray over 2 years ago
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added over 2 years ago

Use more than you think you should. I use a decent handful for a pound of pasta.


Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added over 2 years ago

LL Stone and I cook pasta alike: it should taste like the ocean. Please promise us you won't use Morton's table salt. Use sea or kosher salt. Start with a palmful, about a tablespoon, added after the water comes to a boil, obviously so it'll dissolve. Taste it. Add more as needed. You'll be glad you did.

added over 2 years ago

Use kosher salt, and add two tablespoons of salt for every 1 gallon/4 litres of water. The water will definitely taste like the sea, which is exactly the way you want it.

added over 2 years ago

See the link for an outstanding video on boiling water, and many of the other videos are inspiring (How to Stride Ahead #2). And, kosher salt is better than table salt.