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Making Gnocchi Ahead of Time

How long before dinner can I make the Ricotta and Chive Gnocchi? I would like to make in the morning or day before. Is that possible?

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added about 2 years ago

Yep! Morning would be better than the night before. Cook them as soon as you shape them, then lay flat on a tray or plate with a light coat of oil (otherwise the gnocchis will stick together) & refrigerate.

Refresh briefly in water, or pan fry just before serving.

Jann added about 2 years ago

Thank you very much! This makes my upcoming dinner party soooo much easier.

Quinciferous added about 2 years ago

I've also had very good luck freezing gnocchi -- in single layers, wrapped in parchment, then foil, then a freezer bag -- they go straight into the boiling water from the freezer.

Quinciferous added about 2 years ago

Just to clarify -- I've actually not frozen ricotta gnocchi before, but I have frozen regular potato ones with great success. Now I am wondering if anyone has input on freezing ricotta-based gnocchi!

Maedl added about 2 years ago

If you are making the ricotta gnocchi for a dinner party, I would not make them ahead of time. They--or at least the ones I made--are delicate and did not improve with age. I would make a trial run, too, because if they don't have enough flour in them, they fall apart while cooking. NOT pretty for a dinner party!

amysarah added about 2 years ago
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I've made ricotta gnocchi ahead and frozen them for many years - in fact, I pretty much always make double what I need and freeze half for another night. Money in the bank (freezer) for a busy day.

Just spread on a wax paper or parchment lined sheet pan, pop in freezer and when they're frozen (which happens quickly), put them in airtight containers or freezer bags. Cook straight from freezer into boiling water when you're ready to eat. They maintain they're freshness and flavor well.

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