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Fresh ricotta pasta recipe?

Hi, I have some delicious fresh ricotta and I want to make an nice spring pasta dish with it tonight. Any recipe suggestions?

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cristinasciarra added about 2 years ago

I like adding a combination of any of the following: peas, asparagus, pancetta/lardons/ribboned prosciutto/sausage, roasted baby tomatoes, fresh basil, zucchini, pesto, garlic-roasted broccoli or eggplant.

Quinciferous added about 2 years ago

The other night I made a pasta from odds and ends that I found delicious: two well-caramelized onions, a half a pound of red Russian kale barely cooked, some well-browned mushrooms and a few spoons of ricotta mixed in at the end, topped with some pecorino. It turned out earthy and deep without being way too rich. Fresh ricotta forever!

ebree added about 2 years ago

Ricotta Gnocci


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