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How can I use hops in cookies?

So my wife just had a baby and the pediatrician is telling us some interesting things. The doctor says that consuming hops, be it in beer or anything else, is good for breast milk production. It's been kind of hard to find a good recipe online. Any good ideas? Thanks!

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llacim added almost 2 years ago

Drink a beer. If you're strongly opposed to that then I would cook the hops with some butter and then use it like you would a bud butter.

emartinez3 added almost 2 years ago

I don't mind the beer option it's just that she is very limited in the amount if beer she can drink. Anyways, that's a great idea! Thanks a lot.


hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added almost 2 years ago

A non-cookie option is to buy hops candy. I got some at a local home brewing supply store, and you can order it online.

emartinez3 added almost 2 years ago

Thanks! I'll look into those options.

Crispini added almost 2 years ago

Beer is a great addition to cheese soup, gives it a robust, yeasty flavor, and of course the alchohol content is cooked away. I'm sure you could try a google search for beer cheese soup. This would just be a sort of secondary supplement, though. Your doctor probably had something more concentrated with hops in mind. Fun sort of thing to research- good luck!

emartinez3 added almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the tip! I'll do some research

cookbookchick added almost 2 years ago

Back when I was having babies, my doc recommended a beer while I was nursing. Relaxes Mom a bit, hydrates, and provides some nutritional benefits. Obviously, you'd want to limit that to a reasonable amount, like one beer a day, or half a beer twice a day.

ChefOno added almost 2 years ago

While I'm still curious to see if any of the out-of-the-box thinkers here come up with any cookie ideas (all I can come up with is trying to hide the bitter stuff in a chocolate brownie), you might consider, if you haven't already, non-alcoholic beer and hops in capsule form from your local "health food" store.

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