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Self-clean oven procedure, help! Typical cool-down time?

My husband decided to run the oven self-clean process without researching, just winging it. After it ran for 3 hours he tried to open the oven (I am guessing it was supposed to go through a cool-down period) and it wouldn't open, thank goodness. The oven started buzzing an alarm and blinking an F2 error code which I looked up - it means "the oven is hot." So he shut off the power to the oven. I say we just leave the power off, let it cool off. I said DO NOT OPEN. He is calling a repair service now. It is a Magic Chef that is over ten years old. Any thoughts of what the best course of action is from this point?

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added almost 2 years ago

Unfortunately, you might want to start shopping for a new oven. Alternatively, invest in some oven cleaner because you may be cleaning the old-fashioned way from now on. Mine did the same thing. After the Oven Locked light had been lit for approximately 36 hours, which I figured was probably long enough for the thing to have cooled down, I called for a repair. The service person wound up having to literally sever the locking arm in order to release it. I needed a new oven anyway.

Sadassa_Ulna added almost 2 years ago

When he said he was calling the 24-hour repair service I mentioned I would rather put that cost toward a new oven than pay whatever crazy amount for someone to come out on a Saturday night!
Ironically this is the first time we ran the self-clean procedure since we bought the house 13 years ago.
Sorry you had to go through that and thanks for the warning...

Sam1148 added almost 2 years ago
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Let it cool go through it's cycle. You tried to interrupt the process. Cool down is about 2 hour after selfcleaning cycle. So 5 hours total on my oven. (a GE). It's pretty straight forward process, but I don't leave the area while it's in the heating mode.
The reason it locks out when heating is that it's burning off greese and such..sometimes you'll see flames at the bottom of the oven while self-cleaning, which go out after the oxygen is used up inside.
Which is why it locks out--air/superhot stuff waiting for O2---Open the door; Poof, you didn't need those eyebrows did you? I'm guessing the alarm and blanking is to alert people that maybe a child trying to open the door of a superhot oven.

I don't think a repair person is needed unless the keypad or other sensor got a bit out of joint in the heating process.
Try looking up a 'reset' code for the oven model after it's cooled..usually it's some type of 'vulcan nerve pinch' holding down a combination of buttons at the same time on the keypad while standing on one foot and counting to ten.

IMHO I don't think it's as serious as you might think unless the keypad is now FUBARed from the interruption. If it complains again after it's cooled..try the cancel button and then look for reset codes.
Also; there is sometimes a tech spec sheet under the kick plate or taped to underside of the slide out storage tray on some ovens.

Sadassa_Ulna added almost 2 years ago

Sam1148 I love the vulcan nerve pinch description. Thank you for the suggestions for finding reset codes and secret hiding places for tech spec sheet.

Sam1148 added almost 2 years ago

Next time you're at a Asian market. Get one of those table top gas burners. My range is a flat top electric and I use mine for Wok cooking all the time as it fits my round bottom wok perfectly. They're pretty cheep about 20-30 bucks. And the canister are cheep; little LP gas canisters made for table top grills...about 7 bucks for 3 canisters--which last about 45 mins each on high. That thing has saved me more than once during ice storms, power outages, picnics, and camping. Here's a upscale model from amazon..but I don't think they ship the canisters...but most Asian stores will have them.

Sam1148 added almost 2 years ago

DOH! forgot to include link. http://www.amazon.com/Max...
The ones at the Asian store will have a nice case with a handle to pack it away. But don't do like I did when I was younger and stupid and used it with a grill pan..about 2 inches from the counter-top microwave oven and melted the door of the microwave from the heat coming from the around the pan.

paseo added almost 2 years ago

You might be able to look up the manual from Magic Chef online if you know the model #. I am always misplacing manuals and the websites are invaluable. Best of luck.

cookbookchick added almost 2 years ago

I just ran my oven's cleaning cycle the other
day. It's a Kitchen Aid, about 10 years old. The cycle took 3 1/2 hours before it unlocked. I agree with some others here that you jumped the gun and tried to open it before the cycle was completed.

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