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How many minute per pound an temp roast chicken

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wssmom added almost 2 years ago

I usually go 15-20 minutes a pounds at 425 ....

lipoprotein added almost 2 years ago

I usually take a temperature with a thermometer after 45 mins in the oven. I cook the chicken for 15 mins at 400 and then lower it to 385 for another 45 min. If you take the temp after 45 mins you don't risk to overcook it.

MrJDanger added almost 2 years ago

I have a way of roasting my chicken that defeats the purpose of knowing time per pound. I get my oven to 450f and I place my chicken elevated in my roasting pan. After the chicken browns at 450f I turn it down to 200 for an hour to an hour and twenty minutes. You will have succulent beautiful roast chicken then. It also helps to have a thermometer and stick it in the thigh and see if it's at 165f.

EnsoMark added almost 2 years ago

Here's a foolproof method I've used for years. I start with a vertical roaster in a pan that I preheat. I spray the roaster with cooking spray. Then I roast for 20 minutes /pound + 10 add'l minutes @ 375. Then up to to 425 for 15 min to finish and rest for 10 before carving.

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