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What is your favorite turkey roasting pan?

asked by BrooklynBridget about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

My large AllClad roasting pan, with or without rack. Cooks evenly and cleans up, or so my husband AKA sous chef says, like a dream!

added about 5 years ago

I use the base of my enamel on steel broiler pan. It's shallow enough to allow heat circulation but with enough of a lip to contain the turkey juices. It's heavy enough to support a roasting rack and turkey and hoist them in and out of the oven. (unlike the aluminum disposable pans) Plus, it's small enough to fit decently on my cooktop burner to deglaze the pan.

added about 5 years ago

I like my Romertopf clay-oven for just about everything that has to be roasted (including baked fish). It's a gem.