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How do you serve frois gras ot la terrine de gascogne?

A friend gave me a small can from Paris and I have never tried it. What should I serve with it?

asked by SaySchwartzAndBeSure almost 4 years ago
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OK because it's foie gras you probably want to make it fancy toast - a nice crisp bread, or toasted brioche, etc. You could add something sweet and jammy like port-soaked dried fruit. At a restaurant I worked in we served it with a beautiful pickled kumquat relish and a little bit of maldon sea salt.

You could also serve it on top of a steak, but personally I find that very heavy.

Note: keep it cold when serving, as when it warms up it will start to melt.

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I have one as well and will be very interested in the advice. Kate Hill at "Camont"in Gascony can answer that for sure. See her blog.

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Brioche! And a nice sweet white wine.


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I like to use crisp toast (melba toasts work well in a pinch), and some chutney or strawberry/rhubarb jam (sweet and tart together is great!)

Or you could serve it with grainy mustard and cornichons.


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Paula Wolfert once said, "I'd rather be a force fed duck than a Zacky chicken." Guard your foie gras. The idiot class is trying to take it away. They think that water fowl have throats like you and I do. But no, in the wild they are adapted to swallowing whole fish. The feeding funnel is hardly torture. They actuallly seem to like it. "What you are going to pour grain into my belly and I don't have to hunt? Sweet!" It's this stupid image of foie gras producers torturing cute little duckies that brings out the Kleenex. And it's nonsense.

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I was in Paris this winter (remember the massive cold spell, yeah, that was when I was there!) and took an entire class that revolved around foie gras. Pierino is right, it is an endangered food here in the US...but not in France! We started with a massive slab of fresh, so it won't be helpful to you for me to share those recipes. I did once make a really special beef wellington using foie gras. But I also agree with above comments, especially if you have never tried it, go with simple toast points (yes, brioche!) and splurge on some super fancy French wine and make an event of it, if you are US bound, you may never see the stuff again!


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Thinly sliced toasted brioche, a tiny sprinkle of Maldon salt, and a small glass of sauternes to sip with it. Simple and heavenly.

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Thank you so much everyone, this was really helpful! I think it will be a real treat.