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Bought veal chops yesterday and didn't realize they were quite so thick until I just unwrapped the butcher paper. They're almost 2 inches. Ho

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nzle added almost 2 years ago

You can butterfly the chops or pound them to the thickness you want.

To butterfly, use a sharp knife to cut each chop in half laterally -- you'll end up with two same-sized pieces of meat that are half the thickness.

To pound, place the chops in a heavy-duty plastic ziplock and hammer them gently with a meat pounder or mallet until they reach the thickness you want. You'll have very large pieces of meat that you can then cut to size.

HalfPint added almost 2 years ago

With thick cuts of meat, I usually sear and then finish them in low-ish oven, ~300-325F. You can do this on the grill. Sear on direct high heat then move it over to lower indirect heat to finish cooking. It works really well for thick cut pork chops, so I think it would work for your veal chops.

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