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Looking for a great Filipino/Asian store in Vancouver, BC that sells real green mangoes (not the ones from Mexico), kalamansi, kamias, etc...

asked by KimberlySKOW almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

I lived in Vancouver several years ago and I remember the markets on Fraser St. between 43rd and 49th being good. There were a variety of ethnic markets, despite the fact that it's a predominantly Indian neighborhood. Worth checking out at least.

added almost 3 years ago

Other than the Indian district of Vancouver or Surrey, try T&T market.

added almost 3 years ago

Or, look for a vegetable shop on Kingsway between Fraser and Victoria St's. (Vietnamese area)


Sarah is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added almost 3 years ago

T&T definitely stocks kalamansi and green papaya - not sure about mango and not sure of the country of origin.