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I want to host a Hawaiian themed dinner party. I have an idea to slow cook some pork but not much else. Any ideas of side dishes/desserts?

I have decorations and cocktails sorted so it's purely the food - don't mind cooking something low and slow but the support dishes need to be relatively quick to put together

asked by Lewy over 3 years ago
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My best friend is Hawaiian and no Hawaiian event with him is without a Spam dish. I recommend spamusubi- slices of spam pan fried with teriyaki sauce served on sushi rice and wrapped in nori. Macaroni salad is also a very common Hawaiian side dish.

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Ahi poke would be good - and it's easy to prepare.


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Another recipe to indulge the Hawaiian appetite for Spam For an appetizer I would substitute hard shell tacos. But the recipe remains the same.I served this to guests without telling the contents. Several people pleaded with me for the recipe.


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Hawaiian Bread. The supermarket product is good.
And pod up "IZ" (Israel "IZ" Ka?ano?i Kamakawiwo?ole ) version of "over the rainbow" and "it's a beautiful world"
And for camp factor the theme from the Hawaii 5-0.

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As long as it's the original score, not the one they mangled in the remake.