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I want to make a homemade frozen pizza for a friend that just had a baby. Any tips on freezing an assembled uncooked pizza so it doesn't get soggy? Should I pre-bake the crust?

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campagnes added over 3 years ago

I'd imagine that you could make the crust, par-bake it just until it's set, spread cold sauce on, add toppings and cheese, and flash-freeze it, then wrap tightly in foil and plastic for longer storage. If I were going to do this, I'd make a test pizza for myself from beginning to end, to be sure it works out.

If you aren't able to do a test run, then I'd par-bake the crust, freeze it, and give it to the new mama with some pre-measured baggies of sauce, toppings, and cheese that she can store in the freezer with the crust. Or to make it even easier on her, you could give her a good-quality canned/jarred tomato sauce that wouldn't require thawing (she can sprinkle the frozen cheese and topping directly on the pizza without thawing). A pizza "kit" isn't as super-quick as an assembled pizza, but it's still pretty quick to assemble.

If you test a homemade frozen pizza and get good results, please share your results! I'd love to know if it works out.

CHeeb added over 3 years ago

Keep the tomato base really dry with good paste,not sauce;I flavor the dough with good Italian spices,top of crust and bottom + salt;dry mozzerela next;all toppings next;one last glue layer of mozzerela lightly sprinkled on top-super hot pre-heated 425 degree oven-baked on tile in the bottom rack --- NJOY-no need to pre-bake the crust-wrap if freezing in Saran .

If frozen bake 30 minutes-fresh 15-20 minutes-watch for smoking if frozen and take out when cheese is browning

Food o' del Mundo added over 3 years ago

I've frozen many, many pizzas. The trick: Par bake the crust, then freeze the crust, then put your sauce and toppings on the frozen crust. Wrap and freeze again.
Your friend is lucky to know you!

Ms. T added over 3 years ago

Great, thanks all for the tips! i failed to mention that I'm planning a sauce-less pizza, as I'm looking for something to complement the roasted tomato soup I already made for her. Might try the broccoli rabe, potato pizza recipe from this site, or something similar.
Food o' del Mundo: If I try the par-bake method, do I need to weigh down the dough with dried beans like when par-baking a pie shell? And should I still use my pizza stone, or will it be too tough to remove the partially baked dough from the stone? Thanks for the advice :)

stilltrying added over 3 years ago

I love food o' del Mundo! but I thought I would jump in as long as I'm here - I always par bake crusts and freeze them. I prick the dough with a fork before I put it in the oven - sometimes I still get bubbles,which I just smoosh down after the crust cools a bit. I use a baking sheet to transfer the crust to the pizza stone preheating in the oven, and put cornmeal on the baking sheet - enough so the dough slides around . I never have trouble removing it from the stone after it has cooked about 5 min. good luck!

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