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Where can I purchase good quality spices?

I am looking for a vendor(s) that sells good quality spices that is not Penzeys. I have issues with how they run the company and how they mistreat their staff, so I will not support them by buying their spices. Thank you.

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Rachel Gaffney added almost 2 years ago

Here's a link to Penzey's Online... they will also send you a catalog. Recently I purchased some as a gift and they came in a box packed with fresh bay leaves...Nice Touch !

Garlic Fiend added almost 2 years ago

Um... I'm looking for someone NOT Penzeys. Thanks anyway!

Rachel Gaffney added almost 2 years ago

oops...forgot the link !

Rachel Gaffney added almost 2 years ago

I just noticed the full question..apologies.. I saw it on Twitter then just saw the full question... apologies

susan g added almost 2 years ago
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As a veteran of selling herbs and spices for 30 years, now retired, I would suggest looking for what I had. See if there is a local natural food store or co-op that sells them in bulk. We found that both quality and price were superior to what is commonly available. You also have the advantage of buying only as much as you are likely to use in the time they are at their best, or only enough for a single recipe for something you've never tried before.
Similarly, look for ethnic ingredients at the Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, etc. stores, where a knowledgeable customer won't accept less than the real thing.
Good luck!

ReneePussman added almost 2 years ago


ChefOno added almost 2 years ago

I don't have a local source like Susan suggests however I've been doing business with The Spice House (www.thespicehouse.com) for many years. Excellent quality, prices, selection and customer service.

Panfusine added almost 2 years ago

Kalustyan's in New York City & savory spice shop in Princeton.. http://www.savoryspiceshop...


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added almost 2 years ago

World Spice, based in Seattle, really impressed me. They were featured in the FOOD52 shop very early on, so I purchased several items from them that were not readily available locally (e.g., grains of paradise). I found the quality and service both to be excellent. You can get fairly small quantities as well. I agree that buying in bulk and buying from ethnic grocers is the way to go generally, but if you cannot, World Spice is a great alternative. http://www.worldspice.com... ;o)

olygirl added almost 2 years ago

Bucks Fifth Avenue, aka The Spice Lady, here in Olympia, WA is amazing. It's small and local, but she does has a web site. http://www.culinaryexotica....
It's an amazing little store with spice blends and single spices from all over the world. I use her Argentine Steak Rub on everything from popcorn to salad dressing.

Summer of Eggplant added almost 2 years ago



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added almost 2 years ago

depends upon where you live. If you have a local store that sells herbs and spices, I'd begin with them. for instance, there's a fab little store called Polcari's in the North End of Boston where I always go when I'm in town (used to live up the street). They sell coffees, herbs and spices, etc. and their turnover is very rapid. Everything is always fresh.

I also mail order from Vann's Spices www.vannsspices.com and have done so for years. You can buy from them in large or small quantities.

Bevi added almost 2 years ago

Atlantic Spice Company - they have a website.

Apple123 added almost 2 years ago

Try tasteofmalaysia.biz

They are a small company in Florida, but have great spices from India. They only sell by the 1/4 lb online, but I called them and worked out bulk prices. their shipping is low too.

Apple123 added almost 2 years ago

I tried Atlantic Spice and their stuff is weak.

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