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food52hotline Q. My bread burns on the bottom in my new convection oven. What can I do?

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chefsusie added almost 2 years ago

Lower your temperature by 25F. Test the bread 10 mins prior to estimated finish. Use a thermometer to check bread doneness. 190-205F. Wetter doughs would need the higher temperature. BTW cooksillustrated does not recommend baking cakes with convection. Makes the cake dome rather tough. Based on my personal experience; I agree.

chefsusie added almost 2 years ago

Oh and certain pans brown food more quickly. Also, I forgot, the oven shelf should be in the middle. Oh and of course: is the oven properly calibrated?

Sam1148 added almost 2 years ago

Use a pizza stone.


Sarah is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added almost 2 years ago

Or try double-panning: set your loaf tins (if using) on 2 sheet trays. If baking directly on a sheet tray put another underneath.

jrpizza added over 1 year ago

Get fire bricks $1 each at building supply yard. Line bottom of oven. They are porous and will suck the moisture down. Perfect loaf, pizza...

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