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Any recipes for a cherry preserves or compote that don't involve too much extra sugar?

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maryvelasquez added almost 2 years ago

I recently made the brown sugar cherry fool with honey almonds: http://www.food52.com/recipes...

The preserved might be great with that. The whipped cream can be made less sweet by simply adding less sugar.

saltboxandbrownbread added almost 2 years ago

If it's for canning, try using Pomona pectin. Their recipes (included in the box) call for FAR less sugar than any traditional pectin based recipes.


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added almost 2 years ago

Hi there, I absolutely love this recipe for cherry preserves spiked with cardamom. It's not overly sweet! http://www.food52.com/recipes...

ChefOno added almost 2 years ago

You can modify your favorite cherry pie recipe to make compote. Mine uses finely ground tapioca for thickening but you may prefer another starch.

For jams and jelly, remember sugar acts as the preservative, preventing growth of microorganisms. Otherwise you get the open shelf life similar to, well, a pie.

chefsusie added almost 2 years ago

You could do Cherries with a liquer such as Amaretto, Port or Sherry. (my book says that reduced sugar is not essential in this preserving process. Perhaps Pickled Sweet cherries are more to your liking. Now, I didn't find an exact recipe but, I did find a few with raspberries that utlized apple juice as a sweetener and were "low sugar" Don't forget you may need to have pectin in a recipe to help gel the preserves. There are a few different kinds- regular, low-sugar, no-sugar. A quick search from Ball the canning co. leads to the website: www.freshpreserving.com This has loads of information and inspiration! Good luck and THANKS! I just decided to make an Apricot Honey butter tomorrow! Apricots are a $1 lb at my local grocer!

HomeRemedy added almost 2 years ago

The apricot honey butter sounds incredible-- is the recipe online anywhere? I'd love to check it out!! Thanks for the tips!

ATG117 added almost 2 years ago

Here's a beautiful one from a source I trust:



Emily is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added almost 2 years ago

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