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How to pit cherries efficiently without a cherry pitter?

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chefsusie added almost 2 years ago

My husband...he is so helpful.

chefsusie added almost 2 years ago

Truth is a knife will suffice. A bit more work. But, it will do.

SKK added almost 2 years ago

I asked this question and got some amazing responses - the one that I am trying next is to use a frosting tip. Here is the link - http://food52.com/hotline...

mainecook61 added almost 2 years ago

Paper clip, opened up.

IlovePhilly added almost 2 years ago

Cake frosting tips with starred ends work wonderfully. Saves space over a cherry pitter and makes you feel good about multitasking implements :-)

ElkieOiishi added almost 2 years ago

I usually use a tiny melon baller or a teaspoon. Not a regular teaspoon, but those small ones you get at a tea place. Or, if you have long nails, you can just coax it out, but then you'll get red hands.

ATL added almost 2 years ago

Use a straw. As in plastic drinking straw.

JessicaBakes added almost 2 years ago

A chopstick also works (the wide end)

ellenl added almost 2 years ago

Also depends what you are going to do with them---if they don't need to look good, you can freeze them. Then defrost, and they will shmush easily and give you nice juice as well.

allans added almost 2 years ago

My grandmother used a hair pin or "bobby pin". Insert the loop end in and pull the seed out. I still use this method

KellyC added 11 months ago

Take apart a pen and wash the casing. Once you have cleaned the casing, use the narrow end to push through the top (were the stem was connected) and push out the pit from the bottom. It's simple and easy. Source: www.traversebayfarms.com

SeaJambon added 11 months ago

Same idea as a straw -- but with a straw still have usable pens... ;)


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added 11 months ago

All of the above are interesting methods, but truth be told cherry stoners are inexpensive. And they also multitask if you have big fat olives that you need to stone.

lapadia added 11 months ago

No answer to pitting w/o a pitter; but why not check into buying from OXO? Inexpensive and you will always love having it around, be it for cherries or olives.

smslaw added 11 months ago

Use the square end of a chopstick or any similarly shaped item. Put the cherry over the top of a beer bottle (drink the beer first) and use the stick to push the pit into the bottle, leaving the cherry still sitting on top.

dymnyno added 11 months ago

I'm with Pierino on this! Just buy a cherry pitter...I've been using the same on for 30+ years.

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