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A question about a recipe: Lentil Cakes Tikka Masala


I have a question about the ingredient "dried Lentil du Puy, rinsed and picked over for stones" on the recipe "Lentil Cakes Tikka Masala" from thirschfeld.

asked by susanil over 3 years ago
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Susanil, what is your question?

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Le Puy is the capital city of Haute-Loire, France, and the namesake of these lentils. Spanish pardina lentils are considerably less expensive and have very similar properties. Standard brown lentils do not maintain their shape and/or a degree of firmness well enough to be an acceptable substitute. Red lentils also would not work. Black/Beluga lentils would likely work, but would be constitute significant variation from the original recipe. Lentils Du Puy are also sold as French Lentils or Green Lentils.

thirschfeld, somehow susanil's question got lost in her tag.

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threefresheggs, that is a great explanation and thanks for noticing the tag!


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Agree with threefresheggs and thirschfeld here. The lentils de puy are tiny compared to green lentils. And yes, beluga lentils are a good substitute, although perhaps as hard to find as the de puy. Thankfully I keep both on hand.